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Sophie Grulois testifies

Sophie Grulois testifies

The MoveUp 6 is coming up!

Contact us to join as a healthcare company

Digital Attraxion is committed to provide the best matchmaking between partner companies and startups. On the one hand, we collect the needs of companies who want to bring more innovation in their company. On the other hand, we activate our network and our different channels (fairs, social networks, digital marketing, ...) to recruit startups that can meet these challenges.

Through this MoveUp program, our wish is to make you benefit from innovative solutions in a fast and agile way. This is why:


1/ You have access to a pre-selection of qualified startups

In order to present you with quality startups during the pitch day, we carry out a detailed analysis beforehand to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each startup and thus make a pre-selection. For example, out of the hundred or so applications received during the 3rd edition of MoveUp dedicated to health, about twenty startups pitched in front of the partner companies.


2/ You test innovative solutions in an accelerated way

Participating in the MoveUp program means testing innovative solutions without having to develop them internally. There is no need to set up a project from scratch or to recruit new people to carry it out. Depending on the case, you can simply test the solution proposed by the startup or build the Proof of Concept with it.

3/ You reduce your risk by working with these startups

First of all, you can choose to work with startups that have been pre-selected by a jury of experts and investors whose wish is to invest at the end of the program. Then, throughout the program, these startups will benefit from specific coaching and workshops in order to accelerate their development. Finally, at the beginning of the program, they have access to a €50,000 convertible loan, which allows them to ensure sustainability in the months following the end of the program.


4/ You connect your innovation team to the world of startups

As part of this partnership, your innovation team will have the opportunity to immerse itself in the world and culture of startups, whether by participating in the team building day at the launch of the program, by collaborating with startups on a day-to-day basis or by attending one or more workshops.


5/ You benefit from specific support

In order to make the most of this experience and to be able to communicate easily with the startups, we will bring you our knowledge and experience of the startup world and will implement different tools so that these collaborations are born of long-term partnerships.


Want to join the adventure?

There are two ways to take part in the MoveUp program: by becoming a sponsor or a partner for the upcoming edition. Depending on your needs, you can choose one or the other formula or combine them.


Become a Partner

  • Access to a pre-selection of qualified startups

  • Test innovative solutions in an accelerated way

  • Communication of your needs through short videos

  • Reduce your risk by working with these startups

  • Meeting with the ecosystem and other organizations active in the sector

  • Specific coaching


Become a Sponsor

  • Associate your name with an Open Innovation program by sponsoring it

  • Have your brand present on all external communications

  • Participate in key moments of the program (Kick off, alumni evening, DemoDay, ... ) as well as in workshops

  • Be in close contact with startups but also with other organizations active in the e-health sector

  • Lead a workshop for startups (optional)


Contact us before August 31st to know more about the program!

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